Valley View Early College Campus

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Valley View Early College Campus Counselors are available every day to assist students, parents, and school staff in a variety of ways.  The counselors’ doors are always open.  You may reach them by phone or email.


Counselor's Activities:

  •      Assisting with personal issues individually and in group
  •      Support in academic areas.
  •      Topics covered Bullying Prevention, Career Awareness, Conflict Resolution and Substance Abuse.


Counselor's Tips:

  •     Make sure your child is at school and on time daily.
  •     Provide a quiet place to study.
  •     Set aside homework time.
  •     Encourage your child to maintain a neat and organized binder for each subject area.
  •     Encourage your child to seek extra help when needed.
  •     Review all progress reports and report cards with student.
  •     Maintain close contact with teachers.