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Belief Statements
Fundamental beliefs are the bedrock or core values that move the organization to commit itself to a specific mission and provide the moral and ethical priorities that guide all of the organization’s activities. Valley View Early College Campus Community believes that:
Students always come first.
This precept simply states that failure will not be tolerated. We believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails-not the child. This Campus (principal and entire staff) must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of each and every child. District policies and practices will provide known standards, a demanding curriculum, well prepared teachers and a culture of excellence.
All Students can learn and achieve.
This fundamental tenet proclaims that every child can and will learn in an educational setting committed to high expectations for all. A traditional perception of an education system in which young person’s leave the public school semi-skilled and enter low wage, service jobs is incongruent with technological 21st century.
All school activities support learning in a nurturing and challenging environment.
The school system pledges to provide specialized student support services that involve parents throughout the entire educational process of the child and will focus on expanded outreach effort to ensure uninterrupted school attendance and completion.
We will prepare all students for the future.
Future demands an educated workforce where all citizens are thinking productive members of the community. Early College Campus will provide equitable learning and support services to ensure that every child becomes a responsible, productive citizen regardless of race, gender, economic, social background or unique developmental needs.
Effective and high quality administrators, teachers and support staff make a positive difference in the lives of students.
The hallmark of good educational system is measured by the quality of the people who deliver instructions. Programs and innovations have been traditionally touted as the pathways to a good educational system. No programs, no matter how innovative, well researched, or costly, will succeed without the efforts of an effective, caring teaching staff. The School must encourage and nurture our teachers to explore, take risks and grow intellectually and professionally.