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Principal's Message

     Principal’s Message

WELCOME back ECC Staff to the new 2014-2015 school year. It is with great excitement that I begin another school year with you all. For those of you who are new to Early College Campus – WELCOME and be ready to join a group of dedicated, determined, focused, loyal and caring group of Valley View Tiger Educators.

I hope you have had a restful summer and have enjoyed the blessing of spending quality time with your family. Let us approach the new school year acknowledging and applauding all the success we had last year. Together we made a difference on this campus. This positive change was not only noted by our District Administration, but by our most important stakeholders, our parents and students. We met our challenges face on and conquered them together. Improvement was noted in all core areas of state testing, discipline, attendance, parental involvement, sports recognitions, fine art recognitions, AR Millionaires, staff coherency and administrative support. Teamwork is a critical part of any organization and because of you and your dedication to our students here at Valley View, this campus will continue to rise to the top.

Staff, as we approach this year, let’s be motivated and moved to set the example. Our state results reflect our ability as educators and I know full heartedly that the passion to teach and care for children is in all of us. Let us reach deep into that passion and let it drive us to be the best. Let us work together and achieve our goal of superseding all of our state results from last year. I challenge you to be your best. I challenge you to know your state assessed curriculum and take an interactive and creative approach in the delivery of these standards to ensure that all students learn and are prepared to face not only their state assessments, but also their future. Embrace the challenge of working with children and know you are an integral part of shaping their lives. I look forward to working with each of you as together we will strive toward meeting our goals.

We welcome our parents and students to this new school year. Be prepared students to work hard, to stay focused and disciplined. Without these elements you cannot be successful. ECC offers wonderful memories as we will provide fun for all students during the school year, but rewards come only with being a disciplined and focused group. You will make the scores for this campus and they are a reflection of you. We will provide everything needed for your success. We need you to have your heart focused on learning. We will do the rest.

Best Wishes and Welcome to Early College Campus.
Ms. Tammie L. Garcia, ECC Principal