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Library » Millionaires Club 2015-2016

Millionaires Club 2015-2016

Congratulations to America Becerra, Emmeline De La Garza, Omar Balboa, Manuel Jimenez, Alfred Terrazas, Valery Reyes, Edgar Agueros, Paola Cardona, Dario Zapata, Luz Gutierrez, Daniela Gamez, Darrion Harriman, Kenneth Ortiz, Milene Soto, Samantha Barreto, Saul Gonzalez, Cesar Yzaguirre, Stefanie Robles, David Lozaon and Juan Candelaria for becoming A/R Millionaire.
These students have already read more than a million words, and are still going strong. Who will be next AR Millionaire? Be a part of the Millionaire's Club. Step 1: Read Accelerated Reader Books. Step 2: Take the Accelerated Reader Quiz. Step 3: If you pass the quiz the computer will automatically calculate how many words you read. Step 4: When you accumulate a million words, you're part of the club!