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Tiger Spotlight

Earning her spot on the Tiger Spotlight is none other than Mari Flores, Cafeteria Manager.

Mrs. Flores always works with administration to ensure that all things are ready for our students. Mrs. Flores understands that there are many things going on in the campus and it is not unusual to have last minute requests. She is flexible and is always positive in adjusting what needs to be done. She works very well with her staff and they all have such a positive attitude because of her leadership. Mrs. Flores we appreciate everything that you and your cafeteria staff do for our students and staff. Thank you from us all.
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A big THANK YOU to ECC's Assistant Principals.

They are on the Tiger Spotlight this week as we celebrate them on Principal's Appreciation Month. They deserve this recognition and more. These two ladies work long hours. They assist our students, parent and staff. They manage discipline and ensure student safety . They have endless amount of work and are always available to assist. Thank you Mrs. Ausucua and Mrs. Samaniego for ALL that you do for this campus and district, it would not be possible to be successful without you two.
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The ECC Tiger Spotlight shines on Ms. Tammie Garcia.

Ms. Garcia has honored our district with 15 years of service. She is a disciplinarian who demands order and nothing less. She sets the tone for students and staff from day one and makes sure that everyone knows the expectations. Any deviation from ECC's plans are immediately addressed by her. ECC's yearly improvements are evidence of this. She's set a culture of high expectations at ECC. Awesome job Ms. Garcia!
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Shining brightly on the Tiger Spotlight is Mariel Cantu.

Ms. Cantu is a Science Teacher at ECC. She is dedicated, serious and has very high expectations of her students. She stays for tutorials, plans with her department, and always has a positive disposition.
Thank you Ms. Cantu for all that you do for our students. It is great to have you on our ECC team.
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On the Tiger Spotlight, this week is Mr. Juan Alvarado.

On the Tiger Spotlight, this week is Mr. Juan Alvarado. Mr. Alvarado is an Eng I teacher and has taken on the role of being Dept. Chair this school year for the Eng I Department. Mr. Alvarado always goes above and beyond to help his students. He has a positive attitude and a great disposition. Thank you, Mr. Alvarado, for your professionalism and your leadership.
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Making the first pick for the Tiger Spotlight for the 2018-2019 school year is Coach Arnold Martinez.

Making the first pick for the Tiger Spotlight for the 2018-2019 school year is Coach Arnold Martinez. Coach Martinez is assigned to after school duty with our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. R. Ausucua. He has taken the role of clearing the gym, clearing the hallways and calling out bus numbers using our new speaker system to ensure that NO student misses the bus. Everyone knows that duty is critical in keeping a school safe and running efficiently. The coaches have a huge impact in making this process easier and more effective. Thank you Coach Arnold for taking the lead in this responsibility and for being dependable.
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